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*guitar sounds* [16 May 2007|01:05am]

So, this sucks.
I'm on day 3 of not smoking.
Don't get me wrong, I'm proud. This is sadly the longest I've gone since starting...well, save for the week long trips to Wisconsin.
I don't even really want a cigarette. I'm doing ok.
I am really irritable.
I've snapped at Erin over the stupidest shit, such as the placement of a laundry basket.
Oh, and eating is really taking hold now. They said you may "eat more" when quitting...yeah, i'm going to be broke at this rate. But hey, i needed a reason to start running so what the hell. May as well be this.
Music's become my new cigarette replacement.
I've always used music to keep my moods in check if you will.
The right music takes my mind off life, and just lets me exist for a bit, free of worry.
I found a new band, they're quite the shit.
If you're a fan of Russian Circles, i think you'll enjoy them. They're somewhat of a mix between Russian Circles and Explosions in the Sky.
I'm digging the instrumental stuff as of late.
It let's me relax and think, while still giving me my music fix.
So yeah, here's to 3 days.
I know it doesn't sound like much, but at this point, it's a mountain.
Oh, and fuck gas.
Part of wanting to quit was to save money, i mean it's just so damn expensive. But nooo, gas has to be 3.15. FUCK THAT.
Goddamnit, i'll invade my own middle eastern country or go fuck some Alaskan shit up, I WANT CHEAP GAS.
so yeah.
to recap.
3 days.
fuck gas.
Middle east invasion by aaron white=soon.
according to firefox, i spelled my name wrong.

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"With bitter laughs i'll bring some news, better things for me and you..." [10 May 2007|02:59am]
So, good news.
Come monday, i'm done smoking.
I'm finally ready i do believe.
I've cut it out of my driving, i'm not smoking in my room anymore.
I think this time's the one.
I've got everyone behind me, and more importantly, i'm ready to do it.
It's like the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".
Too many people assume that smoking's just something you do, out of boredom. Purely because well fuck. You've got shit better to do with your time.
But there's the nicotine part, i guess. That's more subconcious than anything.
The real kick in the ass, is breaking the every day habits.
When you get in the car, wake up, go on break, go to work, get off work, all of those times when you just get one out and go for it.
Well, those have to be broken.
So far, i've gotten the two hardest out of the way.
Work comes next. It's going to be a bitch. I'll probably go all weekend without smoking while at work.
It's tough, but i can't let myself keep it going 'til monday.
It's not a good habit to run on any longer, so hey, may as well kill it ahead of schedule.
Oh, and i made pretty picture.

Aaron white=sexy
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SHEBOYGAN! [20 Apr 2007|03:15am]
[ mood | vibrating head? ]

So, this is my first official post as a 21 year old.
Yeah, you can all go vaccumm up the confetti you just threw.
And fuck spell checking that word...i aint opening a new window...shoooo.
So yeah, the birthday was good.
Monday night (It was the 16th...but uh, close enough) i went out to McNally's with everyone.
t'was a good time.
Got to sit around with Chris, Craig, Arturo, Grant, and Erin...and Kate kinda...although she was really hammered...so, she didn't really participate in any conversation...not that i saw atleast...
So i kicked it there.
My plan was to stay until midnight, because then i'd officially be 21...but uh, i was already drunk by 11, so at about 45 after, Erin and I left.
We came back to watch "Blood Diamond", sadly i have yet to finish it.
Because i was too drunk to stay awake.
Then the next day, nothing really eventful happened, until we all went out to eat at G&D.
Our waitress Nicole was totally digging Chris' man-vibe.
Then again, most women fall prey to this.
Chris has his ways of repelling them though, with a quip about something completely not PC, or just some good ol' toilet humor.
Either way, it's funny for all.
But even through all of this, Nicole wanted Chris.
Yeah, so we came back for beer pong, in celebration of my not having gotten myself killed for a whole 21 years straight.
I'm quite proud.
I'm an idiot, so not dying for 7665 days is a major accomplishment.
Needless to say...3 Irish Car bombs, and two games of Beer Pong don't make for good memory.
I can't remember the last hour i was awake, but apparently i was.
And angry, because i can't count and thought i'd spent way more than i had...and because my fries from McDonalds weren't good...
but jesus, that Big Mac!
My foot is asleep.
Ok, i'm bored with this!
Or die.
Seriously, i'll buy a gun.
Oh, and also, on that note.
If you own a gun that shoots plastic pellets, especially on full auto.
Don't touch it, at all, when drunk.
You'll end up with little red welts on your leg because you thought it was funny to hit people with the ricochets off your leg.
Sure, it's all funny at the time...but that shit stings.

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Best picture ever. [19 Apr 2007|03:36am]
[ mood | awake ]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think the subject says all.

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[07 Apr 2007|02:33am]

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"Do you think i'm cold, and losing sight?" [06 Apr 2007|07:50pm]
So, i'm fucking around with Photoshop.
I downloaded the trial version of CS2, since the assholes wouldn't let me download the trial version of CS3. Well, they can eat my ass.
Anywho, i'm bored...and posting this. If for no other reason than the fact that it entertains me.
So, here it is.
I'm trying out the watercolor brushes, because i think this could look half decent when i finish.
So far, it looks like muddy shit.
It could turn out well.
It's more self defined experiment than anything else.
I was bored with photoshop, and decided to try this.
Im the original Hell yes

Look at me im forward progress

Yeah, that's what i have.
This better turn out cool.
At worst, i just wasted an hour, and learned nothing.
Except that this looks like shit.
I need to get a fucking tablet.
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*wrrrrrrrrrrrr* [23 Mar 2007|12:45am]
So, i haven't made a real update in some time...
but eh, here goes!
Work, is balls. Straight balls.
The job itself isn't, and never really has been that bad. I enjoy cooking, i don't mind working with people...i want to place emphasis on the people.

Anyways, i finally squeezed a raise out of Dan, the owner. After Wes walked out 2 saturdays ago, he was talking to Chris about how he wanted me to become the assistant manager. I was fine with that, i figured i do all of the shit already anyways, Chris usually asks me for an opinion on most situations anyways, so what the hell. May as well take the name change and money increase.
So that's good...but fuck. The past two weeks have sucked.
Wes was our best worker. Hands down. So with him gone, that just kind of took the wind out of everyone.
Now, it's gotten to the point where we have so few people, that we're getting stretched beyond thin. I'm having to try everything, and anything just to make it through the day.
I'm now on day 15 in a row. I can't get a goddamn day off. It is the most frustrating thing in the world. All i want is one day to have off, and to just lay around with Erin, and i know it's bugging her to. She's upset because the only time she ever gets to see me anymore is when i get home after another close. Which, i do believe i'm on 5 straight nights of closing now. I could just as easily say "nah, fuck that, i'm taking a day off" but i can't do that to everyone who's still there. I'd be pissed if it happened to me, actually. Strike that. i am pissed. Jacob walked out on Sunday, so i've been covering his shit since he left, and Brittany has called in since...last saturday now. She's on the verge of, if not already setting the gears in motion for getting fired. It's nothing personal against her really, it's just that we have no use for someone who shows up to less than 50% of their scheduled shifts. If you mark it on the calendar, that's all well and good. But a text message an hour before you're supposed to go in on my day off, just rubs me the wrong fucking way.

Also, Craig's leaving for a week and a half. But, that doesn't really matter that much. It doesn't seem like Craig even gives a shit about anyone there anymore. He just seems to find the path of least resistance when it comes to working and do that. He hardly ever covers for anyone, he's not that helpful, and he's just gotten lazy overall. Which sucks, because Craig's a fun guy to work with, just not when actual work needs to be done. He seems content with standing and wiping off trays when there's 300 other things further up on the priority list of shit that has to be done.
Also, tomorrow, through Sunday is going to suck. My spring break is looking to be work all day every day. Yeah, the pay will be great, but this shit is killing me. My body was never this sore, even after 3 straight hours of baseball. Hell, my arms hurt worse then when i pitched and thought i was going to throw the fuckin' thing out.
Friday through sunday, i'm doing open to close. That may not sound bad, but you have to consider that we only have 4 people to schedule for a whole day. Even on slow weekdays we have 5 people in the whole day. Usually 3 through lunch, and then 2 to close.
Friday, it's going to be Chris and I opening, then James will come in at 11 and stay 'til 2 to help get us on break. Then Chris and I will restock and try to not die until 5 when Jonathan comes in after school.

Then, on Saturday Chris, Jonathan, and myself are all opening. And we'll all be there until we close at 9. We're looking at 13 hour days friday and saturday. Johanning is coming in at 5 saturday to start training, and 12 on sunday to resume it. I'm fuckin' thrilled that Chris is working there now. I wish we had more people in the world like Chris. He's willing to take a 2nd job, and give up his weekends, which is his only time off at DCI, just to help me, Chris, and Jonathan out. Hell, if anyone at Charley's was more like that it'd be great. Instead everyone save for the people working now could give a fuck about anyone else. They just want their fucking time away from work.
Chris, you're a fucking badass brother.

So yeah, i just felt like ranting about that.
Managing sucks. I feel bad having to call Robert and Nick to beg them to come back to a job they didn't like, and i hate that Jonathan's having to work such shitty hours when he's still just in Highschool. But it shows a lot about everyone. They're willing to step up and make sacrifice just to help everyone else out.
I just with i was in control of payroll, 'cause there'd be some raises.

Hopefully Dan will realize this and give out some more money where it's due. But who knows. Maybe he'll atleast take us out for dinner...or bring Whiskey to work, that'd be equally appreciated.
Anywho, i have to get some sleep. I get up in 4 hours, so wish me luck.
This weekend will eat my ass.
With a spoon.
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"I don't want you to be alone down there" [11 Mar 2007|04:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Ok. So i am fucking bored. I saw someone post a note on facebook, just going through their music collection and reviewing it and whatnot. I'm bored. So i'm doin'. Enjoy the reading motherfuckers.

Alkaline Trio: Ok, so they're probably one of my more favored bands.
Yes, i know i could go on for hours about why i love them but it's pretty damn simple. They just do things diffrent from other bands. I guess one could say they're "Pop Punk". But whatever, i'm not one for labels, because they have stupid and confusing names. Alkaline Trio has grown up you could say over the years. They've changed their sound, while still retaining that original sound they had that made them unique. Their lyrics are usually darker than most, but the writing and the way it's done seperate them in my mind. Plus, having two talented vocalists (Although, Dan takes the motherfuckin' cake...and goddamn can that man make a bass purr). Just pick up a copy of their self-titled CD that has all of their EPs put onto one disc, and then a copy of Crimson, diffrent? Yes. Good. Fuck yeah.

At the Drive-In: Something about ATDI caught my attention the first time i heard them. I couldn't get "One Armed Scissor" out of my head after hearing it in Colin's car. But i aquired their CDs, and i have to say. It's good. They retain that certain "heavy" sound, but a lot of their songs are still softer, and easier on the ears. I'd recommend In Casino Out. That's a damn fine CD. I enjoy it. Sadly, well...i guess sadly. They split. But MORE ON THAT LATER! E-gad!

The Bee Gees: Ok, i only have one song...but it's the only song you really need. Staying Alive. Oh mah god, hell yeah! I don't care who you are, or what the fuck you say. This song is so goddamn awesome. You can't not feel like the biggest badass while listening to it. And more so if you're singing along in a house full of people who don't appreciate your own special rendition of the song. Fuck those naysayers!

Beyonce: How the fuck did this get onto my hard-drive? Someone owes me an explination...

Blacktop Cadence: This band is comprised of the two guitarists, and the drummer of Hot Water Music. It's an album from the early 90's i think...i don't really remember. But, Blacktop Cadence is some good shit. They've got a way of making nice, slow, melodic intros and breakdowns in their songs. The way the bass, guitars, and drums mix is just fuckin' nice. Download a copy of "The Rythm of a Cold Night in Virginia" and tell me you don't agree.
Plus, there's just something i love about the two guys. They have such pretty voices. In that raspy, smoked a pack a day kind of way. I love it!

Blink 182: I wont deny it, i loved their music when i was younger. Middle school music if you will. But as i've grown up, i just don't find their funny "your mom"esqe lyrics and similar sounding songs as good as i used to. Maybe it's just a change in taste, i dunno. But not bad. If i were in middle school still, i'd probably post some "I just creamed" picture of of the band and say things like OMG THEY ARE SO HOT AND THEY ARE SO GOOD.
But i'm not...so i wont.

Chuck Ragan: After Hot Water Music broke up, Chuck Ragan went back to a normal life. He still tours, mostly around where he lives. But the good news is, he is still recording songs. He's solo now, so it's just him, his guitar, and a harmonica. And to be honest, i can't get enough of it. It's got the usual themes that were in his HWM songs. But there's just something soothing in just his voice, and a guitar. The man has a voice for solo work.

Coldplay: Eh, i never really seemed to get into coldplay as much as everyone else. It's not bad, well, not what i've heard. It just never caught me. That song they had in You, Me, and Dupree was pretty good...but when i listened to the whole thing...i mainly just enjoyed the breakdown with the piano and the guitar.

Cursive: Cursive is good. I like them, they've got a nice way of writing songs that bring out the best in all the instruments. Also, the writing isn't quite as straight forward as most bands seem to be anymore. It's more written in stories and anologies. And i enjoy that. Give me something to think about, fuck!
But yeah, i like everything i've heard from them. From their first CD to the last, and everything in between. I never really found something not to like in them. They may not be everyone's cup of tea. But it works for me.

Dan Andriano: Hearing he had a split album on his own, without Alkaline Trio worried me at first. But, after hearing it. I can say, it's only gravy baby. As the better of the two vocally, i think it's good that Dan did an album sans the two of three. He worked with Mike Felumlee to make a split album, and i like it. Sure it's only 7 songs. But they're a good 7.
He has an amazing voice. It's hard to explain, but it's just damn good. Download "Way Too Many Times" and tell me you don't think Dan Andriano's got talent, and a great voice. If you disagree, i will fight you.
I guess i may as well include Mike Felumlee in here. He's the other half of the split. He was Alkaline Trio's drummer on From Here to Infermary...and honestly...i wasn't sure about a drummer going solo. I just wasn't sure how that would end up. Plus, on their CD cover, dude looks like he's been dabbling in the heroin or something, because goddamn...his eyes are fucking sunk in...but anyways. I was gladly proven wrong. He's got 3 songs, mainly the cutesy love type songs. But they're pretty good. Especially for someone who i though would be on a 24/7 coke binge prior to recording. My hat tips to him. The cover doesn't describe the book.

Dr. Dre: I don't even need to explain this one. It's the fuckin' doctor. He's in the house, and the shit is good. Go listen.

The Draft: This is what came of the HWM split. The 3 remaining guys, and Todd "wonderboy" Rockhill formed The Draft. I enjoy them something fierce. They've got parts of Hot Water Music mixed in with a new sound. They have a CD that never seems to cover old ground. Every song has some unique aspect to it. And that's what i like. I've got the comfort of HWM, with the new sound, and Chris Wollard's voice. A fuck yeah in my book. I'd recommend listening to "Let it Go".
It's good shit.

dredg: Chris got me hooked on them. And i love him for it. In that brotherly spartan way, but without the man on man love part.
I first heard El Cielo. I was floored. The CD is an amazing piece of work. Every song just works. It's all right. They have a sound like no one else i've heard. The vocals can range from screaming to soothing. How the man manages to pack it all in, and not blow out a fucking lung is beyond me. But thank god he does. The guitar, bass, and drums all work together so well, the band is just a tight musical machine. Even as they've put out more, i've enjoyed them just as much as the one before it. With Catch Without Arms, while it didn't have the same exact dredg sound, it had a sound that i could enjoy. Songs that god stuck in your head, but without all the annoying side affects.
Good work Johannings.

Elton John: Rocket Man? Anyone? Fuck yes. I don't have much...in fact, that's the only Elton John song i have. But i can sing that song at work while cooking, and it doesn't offend customers. Some even join in. So fuck yes.

Explosions in the Sky: I heard Matt Young talk about them, but never listened to them. Well finally i got How Strange, Innocence and i love that CD. I could listen to it for weeks on end. It's just that goddamn good. In my opinion, all of their work is. Their new CD is good. All the CDs are good. They make songs that are amazing, and all without containing a single fucking word. (Save for "Have You Passed Through This Night?" But that doesn't really count...it's more of a poem type deal.)
It's good stuff. I assume all of you have heard, but if not. Download. I promise you'll enjoy it. They have so much emotion in the music, the guitar work is fantastic, and you're an asshole if you don't like it. A fuckin' asshole.

Fatlip: Go download "What's Up Fatlip?" and tell me this chubby sounding man isn't the greatest rapper alive. (I think he's still alive...). I love the song. It's so good.

Flogging Molly: I love Flogging Molly. They have a unique sound...in the aspect that they're the only real remotely Irish band on my list.
I don't really know of anyone that doesn't like them. The singers voice has that nice irish drinking song sound to it. But it's all applied to (usually) faster, more up-tempo songs. There are a few standout slow songs. And those also, are awesome.
Plus, they have so many instruments you can't get bored listening. Someone's always got a solo or some such.

Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl is an amazing man. I don't know if i just fucked his name up, but seriously. I am so glad Nirvana never got any further since Kurt died, because seriously. The Foo Fighters are good shit.
Anyone besides Chris know what a Foo Fighter is?
That was a random question.
Anyways, go listen to Learn to Fly. I love that song.

The Fray: I hated to admit it, but i liked them. Sure they had those overly radio friendly songs, but they were good. Maybe i just liked the songs because of my addiction to Grey's Anatomy...but they are pretty good. Piano makes any song better.

Further Seems Forever: I always thought Chris Carabba had a good voice. But i didn't like Dashboard confessional. It was just too whiney, and sad, and fuck. Stop crying. You and your lady parted ways, we're all sorry for you, but we can't keep handing you the fucking tissue. MAN UP!
Further Seems Forever is good. I guess i'm talking pre Chris C. leaving. Because i can't really comment on after. I haven't listened yet. But another band with tightly formed songs.

Ghetto Boys: Damn it feels Good to be a Gangsta. There. I said it. You all know that song is awesome. You sing along every time it comes on during office space, so quit reading and expecting me to tell you why you love that song. You just do.

Ok, i need ot shower, and go eat dinner with my mother. Enjoy the reading. I'll continue this later.

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*various instruments* [22 Jan 2007|01:55am]
[ mood | calm ]

So, it's 1:56 in the morning...i should be asleep, i've got to be at work at 9 in the morning...but i feel a rant a'brewin'.
And since that's all i do with my livejournal anymore (if you want a social/life update, feel free to hit me up on ye ol' cell phone...if you catch me not at work or driving i'll give you all the details you want, and possibly some you could have died never knowing) i'm gonna post away.
Today's topic of bitching?
Fuck Africa.
Yes, that comes off a bit...well, assholish. But hear me out before getting out the pitchforks and the torches.
I'm not ready for the witch hunt just yet.
Everyone currently is all up in arms over the current state of Africa.
Yes, i know there's famine, there's civil war, there's genocide by the thousands...but isn't that what Africa's been for some time now?
I understand people wanting to help, i'm all about the cure for AIDS being found, and i don't like hearing about genocide, or murder anymore than your average person.
But you can't help a country that can't help itself.
Ok, so you get enough money to buy food for all the refugees, and feed the many starving disease ridden villages...now what? Well you try sending it over, and a good deal of it gets hijacked by war lords and their clans...
(for the record, i'd pop Blackhawk Down into your DVD player right now if you have it...it's A. a very good goddamn movie, and B. I just set you up with the story that lets you know where you're starting with the US involvement.)
What i'm getting at, is that even if you cure AIDS, and get the money and food to the people...Africa will still be a country riddled with scores of Clans and Warlords riding around gunning down whoever the hell they feel like, and doing pretty much what they please.
African governments are having a field day just trying to keep the peace...if you can even call it that.
There's brushwars over there all the goddamn time.
I just hate how everyone and their mother has jumped onto this "Help Africa" bandwagon to show that they give a shit about people not living anymore.
Everyone cares about people dying as far as i know...some less so than others.
I just dont get why we have to be so Africa specific...why get it tangled up in Africa at all?
Why not just start a "Hey, fuck AIDS, that shit sucks" bandwagon.
That benifits more than just Africa...that benifits everyone unfortunate enough to have AIDS. Which i'm sure has got to be a pretty saddening thing to have. I know i'd be sad...and really pissed.
I think Africa should show the world it can support itself before we all go trying to help.
Everyone's been trying to help Africa.
When the UN tried lending aid to the country of Somalia, the War Lords took all the food, and horded it like the general dicks they were.
Then, when we tried to go in and say, "Hey! You knock that shit off" we got stuck fighting a battle against a city full of pissed off Somalians.
I wouldn't shoot at the guy who's just trying to get some mean ol' asshole off my block and get some goddamn rice into my bowl that's been empty longer than i can remember...but that's just me. And i'll admit, i've got a pretty skewed view on the whole thing...since well...i'm sitting in a (fake)leather chair, with a fan blowing on me, a sweet and chilly breeze coming through the open window of my house that has electricity, an abundance of water, and enough food to keep a fat kid living for a week. Oh, and soda...if i were in the middle of a famine, i'd bust a cap in someone's ass for a soda. (There went what little credibility i had towards any seriousness).
But for real...as mean, and coldhearted as it may come off...i say fuck Africa. Screw Darfur, and screw all those little pitty countries.
Should we lend aid to the people stuck in refugee camps? Sure, why the fuck not. They made a trip that i'm sure was hell, and left behind everything they knew. But besides that, fuck Africa.
When Africa can prove that they're done with all their silly shit...then i'd be more than willing to go in (Hell, i'd actually go myself and lend a hand) to rebuilding everything they've managed to fuck up. But until then, i say Africa can sit in the corner and think about what it's done.
They can also be jealous of my giant Cheeseburger...god it's so good...oh my god...it's just...dripping with deliciousness.

Ok, so a lot of that probably came off pretty mean...but that's my view.
And i aint even on the bandwagon.
I'm throwing rocks at the bandwagon...and saying, "hey! That's so 3 months ago!"

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If ignorance is bliss, someone's high as shit. [20 Oct 2006|03:57pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

*this is all my personal opinion, so don't bitch at me*

So, i was reading through a group on facebook, it's titled "Stay in Iraq until the Job is Done".
So far so good, then i see a post with the subject "Terrorism will never die, only the men and women who fight against it".
Ok, sadly that's for the most part true.
Terrorism can never been beaten, you can't beat terrorism any better than you can beat violence itself.
Terrorism is just violence spurred by a disagreement, it's less organized war.
Terrorism is defined as something used to scare someone, etc. blah blah blah.
I know, but it generally tends to be the smaller guy using what most would describe as "wrong" tactics and means to fight who often tends to be the more powerful bigger guy.
Is it cowardly? More often than not, yeah, it's a hell of a cheap shot.
But reading through the post and responses just made me worry about the future of our country.
The thoughts of people in the College and Military system today is just crazy.
Everyone who made a post seemed to be either far right, or far left. There was no middle ground, they talked about everything from war, to border control.
It just pissed me off, people are so closed minded these days.
No one's willing to take into consideration anyone elses viewpoint.
I think most people can be guilty of this, i admit i've done it before, and i'm sure i'll do it again.
A guy posted about how the topic starter was a terrorist, because he said terrorists were people (which is true, save for terrorist animals...but those are few and far between.) He talked about how the Marines he was leading were attacked by an insurgent hiding under a body, when they fired on him and killed him they were prosecuted by the "liberals" because the Geneva convention strictly says that shooting corpses is outlawed. I can understand the anger at this, but blaming Liberals for the Geneva convention? That's just stupid.
The Geneva convention has been around for a while now, it was put into effect October of the 1950s.
I think the whole Marines being put on trial for the shooting of a body that was used as a shield is a bit extreme, but then again we only got one extremely biased side of the story.
The whole thing just pissed me off.
I like to think i'm "Liberal" if you will, but i don't really like categorizing your beliefs based on set ideas of a whole group.
I support the war, completely which is a bit odd. But i think Saddam was an ass, he needed to be put on trial at the very least.
He wasn't a person that was just going to sit and listen and stop whatever bad thing he was doing because the UN slapped him on the wrist and wouldn't let ships into his ports, or whatever little plan of action was put into place. Saddam was a crazed man.
Do i think America got the right reasons to go to war? No, i think there was a hell of a lot of covering up the real reason.
Linking Saddam to Osama Bin Laden, may be factual in a way, yes they may have had connections, but getting to Saddam isn't going to get you Osama. Had the Bush administration just come right out and said "We're going into Iraq, because Saddam is a d-bag." they probably wouldn't have gotten the same support they did riding the 9/11 wave.
Now people say to pull US troops out of Iraq, and just get the fuck out.
You can't do that, you can't go in, take out a form of government, and then just leave.
That would leave such a power vacuum the place would go to shit in a day.
We commited to it, and shitty as it may be, we have to stay 'til the job is done.
We started it, so we have to finish it. Like it or not, you can't just leave.
We could potentially cut back on troops, but until Iraqis prove that they can govern, and control their country on their own we have to stay there and at the very least help out until we're not needed.
I don't really remember where i'm going with all this, but i think i'm done as of now.
I just felt like ranting.

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"It's become too clear to not see it" [02 Sep 2006|01:09am]
[ mood | drunk ]

I may be drunk, but i think i'm finally happy with where i'm at.
I may have a dead-end job, and i might not be on the road to financial security, but i'm fuckin' happy with life.
I can't complain.
And i wouldn't.
Anyways, i think this is my first update in the new house, so seriously, if you want to visit, just holla at a nigga.
Anyways, it's way too late, and i got up way too early.
So, give me a call.
And have a good'n.

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"He is awake, but i let him settle in. And all the rest of the pieces will fall in." [07 Aug 2006|01:08pm]
[ mood | content ]

So, i'm all moved into the new place.
I didn't have internet for a while.
I got to help Chris move all his shit in. I'd say Chris and I got some gangsta-rific rooms.
So yeah, if you'd like to see the new place, shout me a holla.
I don't work too much, since i took a while off to go to Wisconsin and to move...then Chris just isn't scheduling me much at all for some reason.
I may be getting a different job, my mom says there's a "cleaning lady" job open at DCI.
Then i'd get to work with Chris and Scotty, and i'd probably be getting paid a lot better.
Plus, i can clean...and yoink cleaning supplies for the house...stealing in the name of cleanliness is right.
My mom's going to grab me an application, so i'll think it over.
It'll be nice to get out of food service...although cleaning toilets doesn't exactly sound too cool.

But yeah, the new house is pretty badass. We still need a few things for it.
Mostly furniture.
Other than that we're all moved in.
Grand and Craig went 50/50 on a 52" TV for the living room.
Goddamn is it beautiful.
And Craig and Jennifer are here, so now i'm going to go harrass them.
Call me for a tour.

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"bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!" [28 Jul 2006|07:54am]
[ mood | f-in' sleepy. ]

So, i leave for Wisconsin, hopefully in not too long.
Was supposed to leave yesterday, but yeah...i kinda boofed that one.
So yeah. I'm off to try and get my car inspected.
I'll get back Monday, so if you all would like to hang out, i'll try my damndest for that week.
I can't guarentee anything, but i do want to get better at following through with my proposed plans.
I know i've slipped up a lot, with how crazy my schedule can be, and how much worse my sleep schedule is (I didn't go to sleep until about 3something last night...and i've got 8 straight hours of driving ahead of me today). But i will try.
So yeah.
Hopefully Wisconsin wont be bad, this drive wont kill me, and i'll be back safe and sound in not too long.
So everyone, take it easy, and see you fuckers in 4 days.

oh, and snuggles!
That page was straight out of Wes' book.

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"When we get cut, it's good to know that sweet disasters are just as precious" [22 Jul 2006|11:54am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Yeah, so let's see.
Not a whole lot to write about in this piece.
I've gotten absolutely no sleep in the past few weeks, and that's not even because of work.
Chris keeps scheduling my ass (and Craig too) damn near every 12-close available.
Wes isn't there for the time being, i think he just doesn't feel like working, so he's been off for a while, so that leaves Craig, Chris, Frank and myself as managers. Which in turn leaves two people, since Chris for some reason refuses to schedule any of the non-managers (Nick, Jonathan, Bob Vila) to work mornings. So basically, it turns into Frank and Chris opening the store, and then Craig or myself getting the 12-close shaft.
Of 7 closes this week, Craig and I account for 6 of the 7. Frank got one.
That's so fucking weak.
I mean fuck, i don't exactly enjoy getting up early, but i sure as shit don't like spending all goddamn day at the mall.
Just thought i'd bitch about that.
So yeah, life's...going.
I'm not really doing anything exciting (suprise suprise).
I really wanted to do something awesome this summer, but...i haven't.
I haven't really accomplished anything yet that i'd wanted to this summer.
I was hoping that once the school year started back up, and everyone went back to school, that i could atleast have some bit of change, but hey. Who am i to bitch?
I do get to move out soon.
This thursday i leave for Wisconsin. I'll be gone 'til monday.
I don't know how i'm going to handle it.
This sucks for 2 reasons, starters being i'm going to be far removed from my friends for 5 goddamn days. My phone bill will grow exponentially in those few days i'm sure.
Also, i can't smoke. Fuck, i may just take it as a stepping stone to quitting, or at the very least cutting back.
Something's better than nothing.
But yeah, i don't know. This summer's just been so...boring. Not to say that i haven't had fun, it's just not what i was expecting.
Thursday night baseball is pretty much fuckin' dead. No one who used to play shows up anymore (not from our team atleast...) and when they do, everyone seems to bitch the whole time.
It's like all of the joy just died in the game. I still have fun, even if i pitch a completely shitty game, i still enjoy just getting out there.
But yeah, i need more sleep, i can't wait to be done house sitting. I can sleep in on my days off again, that is until i leave.
I'm really not looking forward to this trip, i mean, i know my Dad loves seeing us, and i love seeing him. But goddamn i hate leaving home. It's the worst.
It will just be me stuck with my dad, his wife, and my brother for 3 whole days, since i'll be driving 8-9 hours the other two.
So that is it for me, and if i die on my trip.
Remember, there will be a scavenger hunt following my funeral, and if i'm not posed outside of the coffin in some humerous pose, for the love of god, will someone raise some hell over it?
I'm out!

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"We wasted everything now. Now we're done..." [14 Jul 2006|10:08am]
[ mood | tired ]

So yeah, i haven't really written shit in a while.
Not that i ever really have a whole lot worth writing about.
And even if i do, it's not like anyone save for Chris reads it...i just know he does because, well Chris never leaves his computer chair.
Unless it's to creep me out in some sort of odd sexual manner...then he leaves his chair...
Yeah, so uhh, not really anything that exciting.
Still working 30 some odd hours a week at stupid Charley's.
Which isn't fun at all, uhmm...
We signed the lease for our house yesterday, which is fucking awesome.
My room is a lot bigger than the one that she showed us at the house, but it's still got the little beach outside of it.
Which is awesome.
I'll have to make sure i don't let myself get out there drunk...
But yeah, it's got a good sized closet, and it's pretty big itself.
it's also got a bitchen little corner thing.
It kicks ass.
so yeah, that's that.
Beer pong will be a staple of our garage i'm sure...which is fine by me, so long as none of the drunks wind up in my room.
I don't like drunk people passing out in my room...
That's what locks are for though.
So yeah, we didn't get to play baseball last night...that sucked.
And i'm out.

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"We're the ones that just can't see, that every minute is a movie" [28 Jun 2006|03:07pm]
[ mood | is this face singing?... ]

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There...go nuts motherfuckers...

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"Fill up your lungs with smoke hourly, and wash it down into your body" [20 Jun 2006|02:04am]
[ mood | eh... ]

Life's such a pain in my ass sometimes.
I just want to be stable, on my own two fuckin' feet, and happy again.
I'm not asking for world peace, so long as i'm satisfied with my life...well frankly, fuck the world.
There will never be peace anyways...someone's always gonna have a stick up their ass about something.
But yeah, just when i think i'm finally getting a little closer, it's like something just comes and fucks it all up.
Maybe i think too much...ok, that's an understatement.
I do overthink things, it's like my piece of shit self-defence mechanism.
If i convince myself that things are going to be absolutely shitty, i can't be anything but relieved when they don't end up like i've told myself they will.
It all works well on paper, but it's stressing me the fuck out.
shit should just magically work out for me.
If tomorrow, i could wake up, not be alone and single, not be working a shitty underpaying job, and not be a complete fuck up at school, well hot damn.
I'd be pleased as piss!
But no, i'll wake up tomorrow, tired, bitter and angry at the world like every other day.
I don't think i want a lot...
to be happy, loved even...i do miss that.
I miss having someone there for you, no matter what. No matter how hard you fuck up, they're there for you. (No Chris, you don't count...you're a dude...just clearing that up before you post some absurdly homosexual comment...).
So yeah...
Here's hoping.
And here's realizing, you can wish in one hand, and shit in the other, and see which fills up first.

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"Maybe, maybe we all are selfish" [02 Jun 2006|08:48am]
[ mood | bored ]

Sometimes life is just so damn confusing.
I didn't really have any further to go with this than those few words.
My dad comes to town today, and then it's my brother's graduation tomorrow.
Thank god Chris got off work so he can go.
I don't think i could handle sitting with my mom, dad, and his wife for...3 hours...
So i need to get my mind off shit, so i'm off to sit on the beach and look...at...stuff, and then i need to go back to bed.
The world seems to be a better place when i'm not awake enough to recognize what's going on.

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"Boy, decide. You're too old to fuck around, and too young to die." [30 May 2006|01:09am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So, today was my day off from my nice 6 day in a row work week.
to everyone who does that on a regular basis...
you're fucking nuts.
I mean that with a touch of respect...but for the love of god...
It was awful.
Anyways, sunday night was pretty fun.
Everyone was drinking at Chris' although the end of the night sucked a bit.
Erin and Kate were fighting, and in the fight Erin got thrown down by kate, and in the fall fucked her shoulder up pretty good.
Chris and I took her to the hospital, which took an amazingly short time for the University, but i still didn't get any sleep until about 4:30.
So yeah, i'm fucking dead, and i've gotta work with Chris F. tomorrow at 9...
oh boy.
Yeah, i wanted to swim today, but that didn't work out.
I was trying to help Erin out since she's stuck in a shoulder sling, so obviously she wasn't going swimming.
I also got the new Murder by Death CD sunday, it's pretty goddamn good.
I recommend it.
So yeah, saw Brokeback Mountain tonight.
It was a pretty damn good movie...but lordy, those cowboys are rough in bed.
Kinda made me cringe...not because it's two guys going to town on each other...but because...well, just fuck...
looked painful.
Yeah, so that's all i have to say about that.
And i think she should go home, to GREENBOW ALABAMA!
Good night.

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"I'm not inside you. You're all around me" [26 May 2006|02:09am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So we played baseball tonight.
We had more than enough people which i love, but it's different this year.
I don't know why.
Zack was complaining the whole time about the game, and how it was boring.
I got to pitch 3 innings, i think i had 5 strike outs...maybe...
that was the last count i had, but i don't know if that counts the 3rd inning...
I didn't do my best tonight, that's for sure, but fuck...i had fun.
It's awesome getting to pitch.
It's really frustrating at times, like when you get 2 strikes, just to miss completely and walk the batter, but that doesn't compete with the feeling of getting the last out on a strike out.
It's a damn good feeling, that i guess you can't really know 'til you do it.
A lot of the guys want to play softball...which i don't know.
It's a mixed bag.
Yes there will be more hits, and plays and stuff like that. But at the same time, no one's going to take it seriously.
People used to take the games so serious that there were damn near fights on more than one occassion, but now it's just turned into a fucking bitch fest.
Someone's not happy with the pitching, someone wants to play a different position, someone's bored.
I just wish we could get a goddamn game and have everyone play and just have a good solid game.
But i'll take what i can get.
Also, Chris and i watched Jarhead today.
That was a really good movie.
I figured it would be, and it was.
There wasn't even any combat in it, but it was just a really goddamn good movie.
Work this week has sucked, i fear tomorrow morning.
It's 2:17 right now, i should be in bed...but i keep getting caught doing stupid shit...like this.
And yeah, i gotta be up for work at 8...it's my third open in a row...somehow with only 3 managers, we're all getting boned work wise.
Craig, Frank and myself are going to either a. Shoot up Charley's, or b. Shoot up Charley's.
there's no c.

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